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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Amber M

Dear Amber,

Wow. I don't think I have ever sat down and thought about writing you a letter. First and foremost, you made it, kid. You made it. Look where you were almost five years ago in April.

Do you remember going to the doctor for that breast exam? Do you remember the look on the doctor's face when he found that lump that would change your life forever? Do you remember the words, "You have cancer?" Do you remember falling apart and thinking "Who is going to raise my son if I don't make it?"

With all of the chemotherapy, radiation, countless surgeries, physical changes, emotional setbacks, countless tears, anger, the birth of your second child, a second diagnosis of cancer, more medication, more body changes, a third diagnosis of cancer and then another, you sure know what it's like to go through some shit. You always seemed to smile through that shit, however.

So, you're on the mend. The cancer is gone after 4 1/2 years of fighting. You gained a lot of weight, it's hard to look at yourself at times, you feel unattractive, you feel disgusting. You have all of this medicine in your body that you have had to take everyday since day one of your diagnosis. It's physically been a burden on you but soon enough, all of your hard work will pay off and you will feel like the Amber before the cancer.

I look back at the beginning of that journey and you reminded me of this helpless little girl, but, on the way you have clawed, punched, pushed and moved many obstacles aside to stay alive, you never stopped fighting. You regained your womanhood. I never thought you had it in you to fight that hard. For the first time, I was impressed by your ability to not give up, even when you wanted to.

You're a fighter, a survivor. You're a face of hope and you love with all of your being. You are you and let that be good enough for yourself. I am proud of you.





Anonymous said...

Toughest girl I know. Period. I love you, lady.

Des said...

*tips hat to you*
Wow...If you aren't a real life superwoman... well i just don't know who is!! xo

Dulcet Bella said...


I don't know you but reading how you not only survived, but kicked the shit out of the cancer is absolutely inspiring. People don't know just how strong you are until they go through the same thing or have an family/close friend who experiences it.

I'm not sure if you've ever heard of Kris Carr. She has a book out called "Crazy, Sexy, Diet" (it's not a diet book). It's a book on how to embrace the person you are born to be. Eating healthy, being healthy in mind, body and spirit. She actually has a rare form of uncureable cancer...she is absolutely inspiring! (I was lucky enough to meet her).

Anyway, remember you are beautiful and you are among some of the strongest women on this Earth!


Iman Woods Creative said...

Amber, I've read and reread your letter probably a hundred times. We must meet in real life. MUST. Hugs to you, you gorgeous SuperWoman.

Laurel said...

Though i don't know you, I can feel that you have fought tooth and nail to get where you are. Please keep fighting because you seem like you have so much to share with the world. You're Beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Amazing..I love you.

Shush said...

Cupcake, you are freakin bad A**mama! <3
te amo mucho!

dolly47 said...

I've known Amber since before her first diagnosis and despite how many times others would have caved in, she just got that much stronger. Love you girl

Anonymous said...

you are truly one of the greatest people i have ever known. thank you for inspiring me to live my life to the fullest and be happy :) i love you mucho!!!!


Tabitha said...

I love you.

Simone Meyer - Kiwi and Company said...

I'm proud of you too, Amber! One of the most amazing people I have the privilege to know. I look at you and see beauty, courage and honesty. Love you!


Simone Meyer - Kiwi and Company said...

I'm proud of you too, Amber! One of the most amazing people I have the privilege to know. I look at you and see beauty, courage and honesty. Love you!


Anonymous said...

You are an inspiring and beautiful person.

nicolett said...

This is where the speechless comes in. I'm so lucky to be a part of your life! I love you and your badassness.

Anonymous said...

The world is a more beautiful place because you're in it.

Anonymous said...

I just want to say I LOVE YOU!

Amberama said...

I just wanted to thank all of you for reading my letter and leaving your kind words. You have no idea what it means to me. I am a stronger person today from the support I get from my family, friends and other women such as the ones who contributed to this project. THANK YOU!

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