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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Kimberly U


If what doesn't kill you makes you stronger than you have the emotional strength of a super hero. 

I know how lonely you are. You always have been, even as a little girl growing up with all boys isolated on a farm who would criticize you for being who you were, a girl. Isolated is a good word for your childhood with a father who was emotionally distant and a depressed mother that criticized you even more than your brothers did. It’s not a wonder that you didn't think you were worthy of love because you never heard the words “I Love You” spoken to you. As a teen you would hang out with anyone who would allow you to and do things that were not safe or healthy because no one told you not to. The people who were supposed to protect you should have cared more.
 When your mom died at Twenty One, you weren't prepared and you were too young to go out into the world alone.  I know that’s why you clung to the first guy to say he loved you... even though it wasn’t true. You looked the other way when he cheated and chose to believe when he lied because you convinced yourself for a long time that it would be better to live a life with someone who had no respect for you than to be in the world alone. You spent way too many years feeling unimportant. Just because he made you feel insignificant didn’t make it true, you were a good wife and gave him much more than he deserved from you.

 I’m glad you finally chose yourself and decided you no longer believed what you have been told your whole life; that you are unlovable. It took way too long for you to embrace your loneliness and I know you are scared that you may never find a soul that will truly connect with you. I want you to know that I love you. Even if you remain alone for your entire life you are here to learn something deep, self love. 

 On order to truly love others you must first love yourself. If your soulmate does come along he will be the luckiest man on earth because any man who shows you the love you truly deserve will be deeply rewarded with kindness and a deep love that you have been waiting an entire lifetime to give. If Mr. Wonderful doesn't arrive it’s going to be OK! You have been blessed with two of the sweetest little boys and you hare a great example of strength and courage to them. You also need to remember that you are an awesome mom who tells her boys everyday that you love them and because of you they will know how important honesty is. I’m sure they will grow up to be strong, confident, good men because look at the example you are showing them.

Lastly be proud of what you have accomplished on your own! You are a strong woman who is following her dream and making a wonderful life without the help of anyone!

You have me and I Love You


Aimee said...

Yes. You HAVE found Mr. Wonderful... two Mr. Wonderfuls, in your little boys. This is a beautiful letter. Thank you.

Iman Woods Creative said...

Ditto! Look at those beautiful boys!

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