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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Iman W

Dear Iman

Congrats, you're a new mom! Your tiny newborn is beautiful. I know that's hard to focus on when you're in the midst of post-partum depression, but HE IS beautiful and alive because of you.

I know that you feel like a failure. I know that you feel hopeless. But I want you to know that you're WRONG.

Those terrible thoughts are not your thoughts. They belong to Post-Partum Depression. One day you will look back and be able to differentiate your own thoughts from the disease.

Despite your worst fears, you will be a fantastic mother! Your little family will face unexpected challenges and be stronger because of it. You will love your son more than life itself. You will learn to love and care for yourself.

The mothering moments you dreamed of, the overwhelming joy, WILL come to fruition. It will just take time for your body and soul to recover from such a close call.

Your son will be healthy and intelligent despite his frightening early entry into the world.

Time and care will heal your body. You will feel beautiful again. Your child's smile and laughter will heal your soul. You will learn to laugh again.

You are capable of more strength and love than you give yourself credit for. You have amazing people in your life who will lift you up and help carry you through this storm. Learn to lean on them.

You will survive. You will thrive. You will forgive yourself for not being perfect. You are human.

I know this because I am you AFTER post-partum depression. And I want you to know what I know. Have hope, there are better days ahead.


Lindsay K said...

You are just the kind of phenomenal woman I need to associate myself with in this life!!! You truly are making a difference by helping women realize their inner beauty both through your photos and this wonderful love letter idea!!! I hope to make the same kind of impact in some way or another in my life someday!!! As for the letter I wrote, I spoke of hoping not to grow into the same selfish person my parents were towards me. I felt like a burden to them and I fear that I may get some sort of depression, even if it is not the clinical post-partum kind, when I have kids simply because I sometimes view having kids like I felt as a child...that they are a burden and will take my life and dreams away from me. I am slowly realizing that just because that is how I was treated does not mean that I will turn out to be that kind of parent and I praise you for getting through such a tough time in the midst of something that is so beautiful!!! Keep doing the wonderful things that you do!!!
Lindsay K

Iman Woods Creative said...

Thank you so much, Lindsay!

As far as PPD, try to plan for it, but not be consumed by the possibility. I think it is every generation's job to do a better job than those before them. It's progress. You are not destined to repeat. ;)

Paul Jessie and the Boys said...

Thank you so much for creating this project... the idea of writing to yourself the things YOU need to hear is genius. I am not in the contest myself, but I have written a letter. Thank you for the push to do it. :)

My friend Laurel has posted her letter on your blog (that's how I heard about this), and it was SO wonderful to read hers and know the history behind it. What an eye opener. She really deserves to be happy, and I have hope that she can be.

Really, truly, thank you.

Iman Woods Creative said...

Hi Jessie,

Thanks for all of your support! Laurel is very lucky to have you in her life. I'm thrilled that you wrote yourself a letter! I hope you'll submit it, we will still be taking letters when the contest is over.

Thank you again, I'm honored that so many people have taken this seriously and are telling themselves what they need to hear.

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