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Monday, February 21, 2011

Laura D

February 18, 2011,

Dear Laura,
Pondering your inner beauty. You are very gifted at avoidance of such things and have honed yourself into thinking on the surface. Surfaces only show one face. You are worthy of all of your dreams, you are passionate beyond control and that is a good quality. You are loved. Period. People love you and are drawn to you. You reach out to others and give them all you can. You expect little in return and are infinite in your forgiveness. You see positives in others. You see the positive in everything, and can find the shiny in any situation.
Your laughter is contagious and you like to spread humor. Your children are gifted because of you. You have taught them so many life lessons and refuse to stop teaching them even during their hours of angsty resistance. You have truly loved and lost and have lots of love to give. Love is all around you.

Refusal to accept those who do not take all of you can be a noble trait, an enviable trait. You have lots to give and give freely. Sometimes you may give too freely, but you reach into the places of others and help them through there humdrum days. Giving is noble. You were a gifted teacher and need to teach again, the students you touched continue to think of you positively and thankfully. Teaching was an excellent outlet for your loving and caring ways. You saved children, taught them to share and be themselves and taught them to succeed in society. You even found successes in failures.

You love all creatures with a heart that can see into even the most reluctant soul. Not all reluctant souls can be reached as easily; you gave many years, your best shot. A chasm, not a chasm, a whirlwind, an eddy is opening. Jump in, you’ll survive. Not only survive, you will float and sunbathe and make the absolute best. You are taking a new direction with your life and it is okay. You are okay, you’re better than okay and you know you will be stronger and more loving than ever.

Sometimes temper tantrums can lead to revelations, tantrums are releasing, freeing. Sacrificing yourself for another will drown you. Think of your happiness and what you truly need to be surrounded with. Your mother loves and accepts all of your decisions and shortcomings. As you grow as a mother of teenagers look to her for love and guidance; she cried for you, with you and beside you. As a teenage mother you had much to overcome. By cooperating with your best resources, you overcame wonderfully, and your sons are the benefactors.

Look to your girlfriends for sanity. They will also cry with you, beside you and let you comfort them to comfort yourself. Cry with them, for them and let them cry for you. You are surrounded by gifts; gifts of friendship, gifts of love and gifts of beauty in all things.

You will accept your inner self as not a flaw but an asset. An asset that not only allows you to grow and give, but allows others to grow freely. I think you are orange inside, a fiery orange. A fiery flame that can never be extinguished. Don’t let anyone one put out this light. It is needed for your children. It is needed for your mother, your family. It is needed for your best of friends. It is why people love you. Cherish this orange. You need this fiery sparkle for you.

Love you!



Dimples said...

I will cry with you and float with you and paint the whole world orange. I love you, Laura. You make everything sparkle.

Anonymous said...

I will cry with you and float with you and paint the whole world orange. You are so special. You always shine. I love you. Ewe. -Aimee

Anonymous said...

That said dimples but it was me, hmm, neat... - Aimee

Iman Woods Creative said...

I could see your inner beauty/ fiery sparkle/ determination and love when I met you and your wonderful boy. ;)

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