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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Cue dramatic drumroll...

I'm speechless. That's what has taken me so long to post this. I know there are many people out there on pins and needles. But, I'm at a loss for words. (Anyone who knows me may be slightly alarmed.)

When we started this project about a month ago, I had no idea that it would become a MOVEMENT. An action. Healing both the letter writers and the letter readers. I had only hoped that one person out there might benefit from me naming my own demons. The beautiful responses, the intention behind each letter and comment have warmed me to my core. You have proven that this world can and will change for the better. You've proven that inner beauty is alive and well across the globe. I'm so proud of all of you.

In the month of this project's short existence, we were published in two newspapers and mentioned in countless blogs. We've had over 2,700 visitors from over 30 countries around the world. We received over 1,000 votes! Seven hundred of those happening in secret during the last 12 frenzied hours of voting.

So please cue the dramatic drumroll! The winner of the Inner Beauty Project is Laurel P! Laurel wins our Empowerment Prize Package and I can't wait to actually meet her in person! (I feel like I already know her from her amazing letter.) Stay tuned for some beautiful pinup photos of her megawatt smile! If you haven't read it yet, book your adorable tushie over to her letter and read every word. And if you haven't written yourself a letter, please do! We will still be posting letters and sharing comments. I would love for this site to become a forum of strength and support.

In second and third are Des G and Elena C! And since I wish that everyone could win, I made the last second decision to offer both runner ups their own $500 pinup shoots!!! Please go read their letters as well and be inspired.

Hugs to everyone for making this experience so amazing. It would be nothing without your support.




Amberama said...

Congratulations, ladies!

Yours truly said...

How awesome is that! Thanks for the chance to do this. What amazing strength all these ladies have.

Anonymous said...

Awesome Iman! Congrats to everyone!

Des said...

Jinkies Fred!! i'm so blessed to have been a part of this... blessed beyond measure! You all are such amazing women and have all traveled down paths that were a bit rocky at times and have overcome... That's TRUE inner beauty!!

Laurel said...

So many times in our lives we try and forget all that we have been through to bring us to this point. It is a beautiful thing to be able to look back while looking forward to acknowledge the strength within us and truly love ourselves inside and out. Writing this letter has changed my life....thank you Iman.

Anonymous said...

Dear beautiful Iman,
Thank you so much for providing this opportunity for us as women to put down in writing our struggles and triumphs. I will keep my letter forever. It has changed my life also! Congratulations to Laurel, Des and Elena!!!! You are all amazing women!!! Can't wait to see your pictures and to also do my own :)
Much love Sisters, Cheryl xoxoxox

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