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The Inner Beauty Project
...In search of true beauty...

Iman Woods was her own Valentine last year. The Colorado woman wrote herself a love letter, and she is encouraging other women to follow her footsteps, in a quest for true beauty.

The challenge is part of a new movement called The Inner Beauty Project. Iman wants other women to write a letter to themselves, describing a challenge they've overcome.

"Commend yourself on what you have made it through, and tell yourself the words that you need to hear in order to finally move on," Iman says. "It is time to acknowledge how beautiful you are inside and out. Because true beauty shines brightest in darkness."

Iman would know. Last spring, she celebrated her son's first birthday, and her own recovery from a traumatic pregnancy and post-partum depression.

To honor other survivors -- spanning challenges with work, physical or mental health or relationships -- Woods is offering the five most inspiring submitted stories a photo shoot valued at $750. These five will also be featured in the May issue of Stark Beauty Magazine.

In 2011, the first challenge was read by people in over 200 countries. The response was incredible. It was featured on blogs and in news outlets around the world.

Women of all backgrounds and ages can enter.

"We've all had our hurdles. But this year, instead of identifying with them, we are rising above them -- as survivors, who embody what it means to be a strong woman," Iman says.

Enter by sending YOUR letter to Iman info@imanwoods.com. 


Itsy Bitsy Details:

Entries must be received by 9pm March 31st, 2012!

All submissions will be published on our blog and web site and are subject to grammatical edits, however, no content will be changed. By entering, you agree that your submissions and any resulting photos become property of Iman Woods Creative and may be republished in the future.

It's not required to send a photo, however we'd love to see everyone who enters! By submitting a photo you acknowledge that you own copyright of the image or have permission from the photographer to web publish it.

All entries will be posted here on our blog as individual posts. The winners will be chosen by an Inner Beauty Project Panel of women.

The contest and ideas behind the contest are copyright Iman Woods Creative and protected by international copyright law. Thank you for respecting our work!