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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Get your votes in NOW!

We are now accepting votes for the letter that you find most powerful, inspiring and beautiful!

Cast your votes by leaving comments on the letters that move you. The letter with the most comments by midnight (MST) March 21st will win the $2,000 prize package, including a photo shoot with Iman Woods.

Pass the link on to your friends, and keep the votes coming! You can vote as many times as you want.

PLEASE NOTE: We are still accepting letters for the Web site, so please keep writing. Any letters received now will not be eligible for the contest, but we will still post them on this site after the contest is done. That way, your words can continue to inspire other women.

PLEASE ONLY SUBMIT YOUR COMMENT ONCE. Comments are moderated and will be posted at the end of the contest. Thank you for voting!


Iman Woods Creative said...

For the record: I truly wish everyone could win. I am blown away by your letters, your voices and your strength.

Everyone who has written a letter or commented has given me hope that we can change this world and create a place where we can be ourselves. Be loved.



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