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Monday, February 14, 2011

Michelle W

February 14, 2011


You have dared to dream.

Your stubbornness has caused you to refuse to look back when the world has tried to tell you otherwise.

With a smile on your face, you’ve sunk your teeth and nails into a life that has evolved from one of tragedy into the stuff of fairytales. By making decisions to step away from the safety of the shore and into the sweeping sea of the unknown, you’ve found yourself and have come out better, stronger, and more grounded. By allowing yourself to accept yourself fully, you’ve provided the backdrop for more fulfilling relationships and a more fulfilling existence. From moments of weakness, seeds of courage have sprouted into lessons of love and confidence. It hasn’t been easy, but you are being greatly rewarded.

Thank you for believing, for continuing to strive, and for pressing on towards the next level. You have recognized your beauty, inside and out, and the world is the better for it. Continue to share your love, your passion, your joy, your radiance, and your excitement for living this Valentine’s Day and beyond. 

With love and eternal gratitude,



Aimee said...

Gratitude... how often do we show ourselves gratitude? I love it.

Maria K. said...

This one reads like a poem. And I LOVE the beautiful witchy woman photo!

Iman Woods Creative said...

This letter is the epitome of forgiveness and love. But it is even more powerful as a gift to yourself. So happy to read this.

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